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More About Our Internships

  • Each internship is created to accommodate both the interests of the intern and the needs of the local church.
  • Interns choose to serve in a specific ministry area, such as Pastoral, Children, Youth, Young Adult, Worship, etc.
  • Internships are based on an individualized contract developed by the intern and supervisor that includes both leadership development and hands-on ministry opportunities.​
  • Internships last for four (4) months and can begin at any time during the year.
  • Interns are compensated based on hours served per week: $1,000 for a 10-15 hr/wk term and $2,000 for a 16-20+ hr/wk term.
*Summer internships are also available and run for 12 weeks between May and August.

2020 Interns

Meet our hardworking Interns!

Alicea Carpenter

Conoy BIC

Children's Ministry & Marketing Intern

My name is Alicea Hernandez-Carpenter and I am a sophomore Business administration major at Elizabethtown College. Before working at Conoy BIC I attended church at Harrisburg BIC where I realized my passion with leading kids to Christ. Though college can be busy at times I feel that it is important to not let ourselves get overwhelmed and distracted by things in our everyday lives, but to focus on god and keep him as the center of everything."

Lawrence Oden

Grace Vineland BIC

Media Technology Intern

"My name is Lawrence Oden and I serve at Grace in Vineland with Tech & Media. This internship has been very different for me, in a great way, as I’ve been able to combine my college experience in IT and my passion for videography. In these unprecedented times God has been so faithful and I am privileged to serve the church in creating online content. I am being challenged in a whole new and I’m learning new lessons everyday.

I believe these times have showed that the church is NOT confined to the four walls of a building but we have been called to carry this gospel to the ends of the earth - whatever it takes. Church online has been an opportunity to cast a wide net while believing in prayer that God will reach people where they’re at and bring conviction. I’m blessed to be a part of that."

Isaiah 26:8 - Yes, LORD, walking in the way of your laws, we wait for you; your name and renown are the desire of our hearts.

Brea Brannen

Encounter Church

Communications in Ministry Intern

 I joined Encounter Church of Palmyra's worship team in 2018 after attending for a year and in the summer of 2019 I began a volunteer position as the Communications person for the church's mission team. I have a heart for people and a strength in crisis communication so my goal is to one day be able to help fight for the people that no one else is willing to fight for, like trafficking victims, foster children, and the poor. Through this internship with Encounter, I am going to begin using and strengthening these skills so God can use me to make a positive impact on the world.

Thomas Hallman

Conoy BIC

Pastoral Ministry Intern

"My name is Thomas Hallman, a student of theology at Houghton College in New York. This upcoming semester marks the start of my senior year.

I consider myself at once a poet, an imagineer, a critic, a mystic, and companion at heart. Words are my craft; pen and paper, a close friend. It’s quite fresh, this friendship, but good too, simple and freeing; it’s made heaven seem a bit closer. If you were to look out on the ideal day, you’d probably find me sitting somewhere outside, preferably rooted firm on a creek bank or high up on a tree bough, with a book in my lap, pen in hand, journal off the side freshly marked. I like the sound of that. But you might also find me less solitary too, perhaps on a walk with a friend or two, chatting, laughing, sharing life under the setting sun, maybe over an ice cream or fresh pizza. I like the sound of that too.  "

Jess  Gregory

The Holy District

Missional Ministry Intern

Jess Gregory is a current dual-degree student with Baylor University’s Truett Seminary and Garland School of Social Work. She grew up as a missionary kid in South Africa before spending most of her life in Lancaster, PA. It was a missions trip to Zimbabwe her sophomore year of college that first sparked Jess’s passion for the strengthening the intersection between the church and the social work profession and she has worked from this passion ever since. When she is not working or doing school work, Jess loves to cook, eat delicious food, and read and write at a quiet coffee shop.

Bryan Hoover

EBIC Church

Pastoral Ministry Intern

My name is Bryan Hoover and I am a senior Communication and Biblical Studies major at Lancaster Bible College. Before transferring to LBC, moving to Elizabethtown and attending EBIC, I found a passion for ministry while serving on the outreach team of the Christian fellowship at Kutztown University. I love seeing lives transformed by Christ, and I want to pursue a career in ministry where I would get to share the Gospel with others everyday. 

Describe a “shining moment” in your internship...

Certainly preaching, it was at times very nerve-racking, but after I did it it was amazing to see that people listened to me and believed that God could speak through me.

Drake - Summer Youth Intern